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Industry 4ward

Digitization, Digitalization, Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Manufacturing 4.0 - what a word salad of confusion! How do companies make sense of what these (and so many more) terms mean and where to start?

Where does Sustainability and the Circular Economy fit into the puzzle around Industry 4.0? While the tools of Industry 4.0 can help address Sustainability challenges, in order to drive real change companies need to look at holistic approach to Sustainability.

This is where Industry 4ward can help - start with a clear alignment to strategy for either Digital Transformation or Sustainability, develop a common language and framework, understand your current state, determine your goals, and prioritize the right activities at the right time.

There is no one approach or solution that works for everyone - let us help you find the path that will drive results for you and your business.

We have seen what works and what it takes to be successful… We want to help you move 4ward and find that success!

Our Services

The Process

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"I had the pleasure of working with Steve at the NAM and saw his involvement in both the IRI and MLC. His ability to identify and focus on the critical few areas of importance was vital to the success of the IRI integration. He approaches Industry 4.0 from a unique perspective as a scientist and innovator vs. the traditional perspective of IT or Operations."

Paul Hartgen, CAE

VP, National Association of Manufacturers

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